Into The Current

5 am and I can hear the faint sound of snow falling onto the ground through the window I left cracked.

8 am and I can feel the morning sunshine on my face and the beads of sweat dropping in slow motion from my forehead onto my pants as I press-on, planks on my back and goggles replaced with sunglasses for the remainder of the journey.



10 am and I’m standing on what appears to be the top of the world.

… After this there is no time. There is no job. There is no weight on my back. There is nothing else.

Nothing but the present. Only my spirit and Mother Nature, and this moment as I drop into the steeps. Here there is only the movement of energy across this expanse of mountains.


This is where I live.

40 mile-an-hour charging, somewhere between full throttle and occasionally tempered chaos, is the space I inhabit and the place I find myself again.

Join me across the powder, through the surf, and in some of the same places we call home.

Join me on our Journey.

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