The Current is an accumulation of writings.

Some old, some new, but all born of an innate desire to connect with the earth, the energy around us, other humans, and ultimately ourselves.

Skier | Surfer | Rider | Patroller | Writer

Sharing our passions is what we’re here for and passing on our experience can be as simple as stepping outside or taking a walk in the woods. We have so much to learn. We have so many ways to gain access to the energy held by the earth beneath our feet and the air that surrounds us. We’re capable of so much, yet we often settle for so little. It’s up to us to change that.

I find peace in the mountains and harmony in the ocean. I see more than just my immediate surroundings and constantly askĀ why. Discontent with the status quo leads me back to my roots and pushes my search for more than the mundane, for more than the material we surround ourselves with, and further into exploration in the hunt for answers. Change is a constant and the boundaries are where I thrive.

From common sense to inward reflection, I write about my passions, the things I see day-to-day, and the power we have to change our actions and influence our soul in what we do.

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Creator of the current